Video Tutorial:


Once Incoming and Outgoing Requests and Contracts have been entered into the system, Deadlines set, and Contracts set to Active status, the Dashboard becomes fully populated with many useful data points. 

Step by Step Instructions:

1. "Respond to a Request" and "Send a Request"

The topic we’ll cover in this tutorial is the Dashboard. Think of the Dashboard as the place where you can keep a handle on what you need to immediately (responding to and making requests), what you need to do in the future (Deadlines), and what you’ve already accomplished in the past (numbers of Requests and Contracts and Financial information).

When your museum receives a request to license or otherwise obtain an image of an object in your collection, you will choose to "Respond to a Request" to initiate a new Incoming Request workflow. If you are the one making a request to another museum or rights holder, then you would choose to "Send a Request", initiating an outgoing Request workflow.

2. Deadlines

In the Deadlines section, you’ll see that there are options to see what’s due Today, what’s Upcoming in the next month, and what’s Overdue– unfinished requests and contracts from the last month. Choose “Upcoming” and you can see that you have Incoming Deadlines– click on the triangle to see more information about the contract, and if you want to go directly to that contract just click on it. You now see the Preview page for the contract where you can correct any information or re-send it for approval.


3. Number of Requests and Contracts

Back in the Dashboard, you can see the total number of Requests, and the number of Contracts that are Active or Expired, each being grouped by type and time. For example, because you have created and received active contracts, you’ll see that there are four Contracts displayed.

4. Financials

Finally, the Financials section allows you to see the amount of Revenue Earned from granted Contracts that are Active or Expired, as well as the amount of Fees Paid for the same statuses of Received Contracts. Again, this section is viewable by the last month or last year. You can see that you’ve paid out $425 in licensing fees and earned $334 by granting the Contracts, and the month and amount is indicated when you hover over the last data point in the graph.


Keep in mind that this is just a taste of what is possible with analytics once you’ve entered data into the system. Stay tuned for more functionality to be built into the Dashboard in the future.


That’s it! You’re now an expert at the Dashboard. In the next tutorial, you’ll be learning about entering in creators and organizations that are not already in the ULAN database.