Once the request is completed, the preview screen presents the all of the entered information to the user in a single window, facilitating the process of double-checking the data as well as presenting the notes all in one listing.

At the very top in the blue bar, your Organization is listed as is the Request ID, followed by the type of IP requested (Property Release in this case) and which Organization is making the request and the date of the request in the grey bar below. Because this is an Incoming Request, the Contact Information is listed first, followed by Object Information, Usage Information, and Pricing Information. You’ll notice the total amount of the Pricing fees is displayed in green. Remember, if any information is incorrect, you can always go to edit the request by selecting Edit in the top navigation bar.

On the right, you can see the four notes that have been added, tagged with the section they pertain to: Pricing, Usage Details, Contact Information, and Object Information. Suppose you want to attach the Pricing note to the request, just to confirm that the access fee might be waived. Just click on the Show On Request box for the note that reads “Access fee may be waived for museums”, and when you scroll down to the Pricing Information, you’ll see that the note has been appended to that section.

For more information on using Notes in Preview, please visit this Knowledge Base article.