1. Show Note on Request Preview


Preview allows the user to see all the information entered into a request, along with any notes entered to each section. On the right, you can see the three notes that have been added to the request, tagged with the section they pertain to: “Pricing, Contact Information, and Usage Details”. Suppose you want to attach the Pricing note to the request, just to reiterate what Cindy Sherman agreed to. Just click on the Show On Request box for the note that reads “Artist waived additional royalty– flat fee only”, and when you scroll down to the Pricing Information, you’ll see that the note has been appended to that section.

2. Add note in Request Preview

Suppose you want to make a note for the Object Information section– this can be done right from Preview. In the upper right, select the pull-down menu entitled “Add a note…”, select Object Information, and type in “On loan for the Exhibition “Cindy Sherman in New York”” and hit Submit. The note appears on the right hand side at the top, as new notes are listed first.