The ability to add notes throughout the process of entering the details for both Incoming and Outgoing Requests allows the user to add small pieces of information relevant to each section. These notes may remain private to the user’s organization or be attached to the request itself, as a point of clarification or nuance that is not easily conveyed using the preset text fields and menus.

Each section has a notes field that is hidden by default. To view existing notes and/or to type a new note, click on Show. You’ll notice that the Note field drops down. Click on Hide to collapse the Note section again.

To enter in a note, click in the text field and begin typing. Once you're finished, you may check the box "Show On Request"– this appends the note to the request. Remember, this will allow the note to be read by whoever receives the request, so do not include information meant to remain private when this box is checked. 

Clicking "Submit" enters the note, which then appears on the right.

When a note is entered, it is tagged with your name, a timestamp, and the ability to edit, delete, and show the note on the request.