The primary manner to submit feedback to CultureTech Support is through the Support Envelope icon in the righthand side of the top navigation bar. Clicking it brings up the following messaging box:

  • Before submitting feedback, check to see if your question might be answered in our Knowledge Base. Use the Search Articles tab to double-check, and if your question/bug isn't addressed, click back to the Help & Support tab to write your message. Just enter your email address you use to login into the CultureTech Beta where it says "Institution Email", and then enter in your feedback below.
  • Feel free to submit bug reports, user interface issues, and other suggestions, and please be as specific as possible when describing your issue. You can add links to your message by clicking on the chain icon, and the paperclip allows you to attach a file, a screenshot perhaps. Then click on the "Send Feedback" button and you're done.
  • If you're out of the office and you have a brilliant idea or finally remembered where that bug that stymied you was, you can always reach us at

Happy Testing!