An Overview of the Top and Left-hand navigation bars:

1. Clicking on the CultureTech logo always brings the user to the Dashboard, shown in the screenshot above.

2. The four small squares toggle the lefthand navigation bar from expanded view to condensed view. Try it, and keep whatever version you prefer.

3. The Star icon flashes to let the user know of a new feature or important announcement. Once the Star is clicked on, the flashing stops, although the listing of new features/announcements can still be accessed.

4. The Support Envelope icon allows the user to submit feedback directly to CultureTech as well as enabling the searching of Knowledge Base articles.

5. The User Menu allows for the accessing of one's Profile, Account Settings, Changing Password, Knowledge Base, and Signing Out.

6. Requests brings the user to a listing of Incoming and Outgoing Requests.

7. Contacts has a listing of all contact information entered into the system.

8. Objects lists all objects that are internal and external to the user's institution.